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Continuous Monitoring


Our Continuous Monitoring services are specifically designed to support the on–going observation, assessment, analysis, and diagnosis of your organization’s cybersecurity posture, hygiene, and operational readiness. In order to better understand your organization’s cybersecurity posture, hygiene, and operational readiness, we leverage continuous monitoring to explain your enterprise environment from multiple mission areas of operations that include:

  • Network Operations. This mission area includes the on–going monitoring of network traffic, fault, performance, bandwidth, route, and other network management areas.

  • Cyber Defense. This mission area includes the on–going monitoring of adversarial behavior and its impacts on operations (i.e., monitor and understand intrusions, attack sensing and warning, indications and warning, advanced persistent threats, and other signs of cyber-attack and exploitation activities).

  • Risk Management. This mission area includes the on–going monitoring of the risk posture of information systems and networks, decreasing the level of effort of our current assessment and authorization process (mostly manual intensive every three years) as well as providing the means for prioritizing remediation based upon its relevant impact (technical and operational).


Some of the benefits of our ConMon services include:

  • Promote Informed and Actionable Risk Management Decisions. The value of ConMon is not in the promotion of a particular course of action, but rather in its ability to facilitate continuous compliance status and situational awareness of organizational assets. As a capability, ConMon will help organizations prioritize risk mitigation options and strategies by distinguishing the technical and operational impacts within the larger mission context aiding management in decision making and overall identification of cost–effective course of actions.

  • Empower Leaders and Improves Organizational Accountability. By providing the knowledge needed to support informed and actionable risk management decisions (affecting their area of responsibility), ConMon empowers leaders, to the lowest operational levels, to be responsible owners and account for their information systems and networks.

  • Simplify Regulatory Compliance through Integrated Data Management. Through a collect–once and reuse–many framework, our services will allow you to eliminate duplicative data call efforts, accelerate time to mission execution, enable enterprise–wide reporting efficiencies, and simplify regulatory compliance reporting requirements through integrated data management and automation.

  • Promote Process Efficiencies. As envisioned, ConMon will also become an operational efficiency benchmarking capability; our services will help your organization:

    • Assess established processes and/or deployed capabilities operational efficiencies to identify areas for improvement- Identify and address technical and operational challenges and opportunities to progress day–to–day operations- Promote organizational alignment and more effective use of existing and new technologies- Integrate technical and operational processes into customizable, consumer-driven capability views of an organization security posture- Monitor the inherent changes to the environment caused by technology adaptations, increasing IT resiliency and survivability over time

  • Foster Resource Recovery of People, Operations, and/or Technology. By automating defined ConMon processes and eliminating redundancy, our services are expected to free up our network defenders and potentially reallocate their efforts to perform other technical and operational level tasks that cannot be automated and minimize non–technical processes reducing (and in some areas eliminating) the human factor and errors.

  • Minimize Redundant and Competitive Programs. Our ConMon services and capabilities are driven by defined requirements and the distinct end state objectives of your organization’s ConMon program. A requirement based approach for ConMon will promote synergy and discourage redundant and competitive programs throughout the U.S. government.

  • Deliver Persistent Situational Awareness. Our ConMon services deliver persistent situational awareness across multiple tiers, mission areas of operations, and security domains. As envisioned, ConMon provides for a dynamic–state risk posture that incorporates a series of views such that each view fits into a scheme that provides a comprehensive “snapshot in time” that explains the environment from not only a pure threat/vulnerability perspective, but also a risk/impact one. This is a technical construct that provides an enterprise operational view captured in user–defined dashboards complete with decision engines, which aid the operators and decision makers in understanding and making decisions regarding anomalies associated with their organizational areas of responsibility and/or the U.S. Government enterprise as a whole. This persistent situational awareness provides a level of confidence that enables decision makers to be proactive, rather than reactive, in their decision making.

  • Support Ongoing Authorization. At its pinnacle, rather than enforcing a static, three-year reauthorization process, through our ConMon services, your organization will be able to support the ongoing authorizations of its information systems.


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