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GSA Information Technology (IT) Schedule 70


GSA Information Technology (IT) Schedule 70


The Information Technology (IT) Schedule 70 was established by the General Services Administration (GSA) to assist federal, state, and local government entities with their procurement of IT products, services, and solutions. Among others, through its GSA IT Schedule 70 contract, CSRS–Corp is able to provide its worldwide government customers with a broad array of products, services, and solutions in the areas of information assurance, cyberspace and network operations, and overall information systems and technology lifecycle governance.




Some of the features and benefits of the GSA IT Schedule 70 contract vehicle include:

No Maximum Order Threshold

Customer orders are not restricted by a maximum order limit. New procedures have been developed to allow Schedule 70 contractors to accept any size order. In accordance with FAR 8.404(b) (3), the Maximum Order Threshold represents the point where it is advantageous for customers to seek a price reduction. In fact, after a customer reviews the pricelist(s) or GSA Advantage! ®, the FAR instructs customers to generally seek price reductions for orders exceeding this threshold from Schedule contractor(s) appearing to provide the best value (considering price and other factors).

Pre–competed, easy–to–use contract with streamlined ordering procedures

Saves time and money by reducing procurement lead time and administrative time

Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) permitted

Get discounts based on the potential quantity of items frequently ordered, as defined in FAR 8.404

Wide variety of products and services

Customers have access to thousands of products and ancillary services, allowing for integrated solutions to meet simple and complex needs

Pre–competed, negotiated pricing

Competitive prices and discounts

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Specifics about CSRS–Corp GSA IT Schedule 70 contract are as follows:

Contract Number


GSA–approved Price List

Period of Performance

2 July 2013 – 1 July 2018

Who is Eligible

Federal agencies, agency contractors and certain educational institutions State and local governments (in accordance with the E–Government Act of 2002, Section 211)

Agency Sponsor

General Services Administration IT Acquisition Center – FCIA 2200 Crystal Drive, Suite 600 Crystal Plaza #4 Arlington, VA 22202

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GSA IT Schedule 70 POCs


Mr. Glenn Feldhuhn

Managing Director

Phone: (240) 412-7194

Fax: (866) 626–8167



Ms. Amy Smith

Senior Business Operations Manager

Phone: (240) 776–4972

Fax: (866) 626–8167


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