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Network Operations


CSRS-Corp understands, Network Operations (NetOps) is the integration of enterprise-wide operational, organizational, and technical capabilities for operating and defending information systems and networks. Our NetOps services include but are not limited to, enterprise management, net assurance, and content management.  Through our services, we will provide your organization with a global situational awareness to make informed command and control decisions. This will improve the quality and timeliness of collaborative decision-making. This shared situational awareness is derived from common reporting requirements using functionally standardized management tools and common data information exchange formats across organization.  These capabilities collect or receive, and fuse enterprise management, network defense and configuration management data in a real time or near real-time fashion to produce defined views of the mission critical enterprise information of concern to a commander or NetOps center.  This is achieved through the operational and technical integration of enterprise management and defense actions and activities across all levels of command.


Regardless of the uniqueness, criticality, and complexity of your NetOps requirements, our services will allow your organization to achieve the synergy necessary to integrate essential tasks associated to enterprise management, net assurance, and content management to produce the NetOps desired effects of providing the right information for assured system and network availability, assured information protection, and assured information delivery.


We will strive to provide your organization with common visibility of network resources to manage, anticipate and mitigate problems, ensuring uninterrupted availability and protection of your information systems and networks and provide for graceful degradation, self-healing, failover, diversity, and elimination of critical failure points. 

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